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Let’s be real — all design portfolios are made the same. I mean take a look through a site like bestfolios and you’ll see that most folks are serving the same dish. A dash of sans-serif type here. A scoop of case studies there. A bit of color for garnish. Throw it in the oven for 30 minutes and voila, you have a traditional design portfolio. Best served with a side of stress and anxiety as you await job interviews to roll in.

Jokes aside, I get it. This recipe for a design portfolio is easy and sticking to it will be just enough to satiate some recruiter’s hunger and they’ll stay around and try a few case studies out.

So why stray from what works?

Well, that’s easy — to stand out from every one else out there, duh.

When important folks (like recruiters and hiring managers) spend less than 3 minutes on a site, sticking to the norm won't cut it. Let's cut the blandness and repetitiveness of viewing endless portfolios by simply giving yourself permission to have some fun with your portfolio and make it your own. Spicing it up in your own way is what entices folks to stick around to the last bite (and hopefully send you an email asking you to interview!)

So, if you’re in, let’s get going! We got jobs to secure. My plan is to update this [In]complete Portfolio Cookbook until it’s, well, complete with helpful and simple recipes for cooking a delicious portfolio.



Notes from the chef

6.23.23 — Order up! V4 is hot n ready.

Summer update (greatly overdue).

  • NEW! Templates are here! Over the coming weeks, a steady stream of portfolio templates are going to be added to the cookbook. The goal is for these to be inspiration to get you going cooking up something great ✨

2.17.23 — Order up! V3 is delicious.

Happy Black History Month! Here’s some late February updates ❄️.

  • Recipe No.4 — Personal Statement Pan Pizza is ready! More writing tips (yay!)

1.18.23 — Order up, v2 is ready!

Two updates in January — WOWOWOWOW!

  • No.3 — Writing Wrap is live! More writing - yay!
  • Minor edits. Forgive my spelling plz

1.07.23 — v1 is ready to eat!

Happy Holidays! Appreciate those who've downloaded the cookbook. Here's a few new years updates.

  • No.2 — Case Study Cookies is live! Let's get cheffin' on those delicious case studies
  • Added a Resource Figma that will be filled with templates based on recipes in the cookbook
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Access a living cookbook of recipes for making a portfolio. This cookbook will be periodically updated by the head chef — me!

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Portfolio Cookbook

3 ratings
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